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England - France - Italy - Vatican City

The benefits of hand-on learning through travel are virtually unparalleled.

After earning a college degree the natural step is to see, touch, smell, and hear other continents, cultures, and traditions - to experience textbooks first hand.

Capture the flavor of the cities, climb the Eiffel Tower and sample the delicacies and specialties of Italy, England, and France - Europe, in all its splendor awaits.

See the greatest monuments and discover the metropolitan cities of Europe together with fellow grads - let this be your year for adventure.



Welcome orientation and pub dinner. Pub crawl. Guided tour of London's Pomp & Pageantry. Big Ben. Buckingham Palace...


FRANCE: Paris, French Riviera

French bistro dinner. Paris by night. Seine river cruise. Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame. Arc de Triomphe. Moulin Rouge. Cote d’Azur. French Riviera. Monte Carlo option....


ITALY & VATICAN CITY: Rome, Vatican City, Sorrento, Pompeii

Colosseum. Roman Forum. St. Peter's Basilica. Volcano. Sorrento Peninsula. Pizza party. Roman banquet...