Greek Island Sojourn

Walk in the footsteps ...

...of Plato  and Socrates in ancient Athens, steeped in antiquity and mythology. Sail azure seas to the idyllic island of Poros and surrounding whitewashed gems of Spetses and Hydra. This special program is created with young travelers, their friends and families in mind. Discover the excitement of sharing enriching experiences with new friends.  Give the gift of travel and togethernessstart a family tradition that will last a lifetime.



Athens is no longer a city that it takes awhile to get-to-know before you actually like it. Athens is entering a second Golden Age. What was done to prepare for the Olympics is turn a city, known for its faults as much as its assets, into one of the most walkable, livable, exciting, art, music and entertainment centers in the world. By unifying all the antiquities with parks and pedestrian streets and avenues and tying them in with the nightlife areas of the Plaka, Psiri and Thission they have created a model that other cities are sure to follow. The new metro makes the trip to the airport and the port easier and opens up new neighborhoods to visitors who used to be confined to an island downtown surrounding the Acropolis. The coastal tram means you can get on one of the new light-rail cars and go to the beach, or shop and have dinner in the coastal suburbs.


Isle of Poros

Discover  the Greek way on Poros island, where visitors are welcomed to join the islanders' relaxed and tranquil way of life. Within easy reach are ancient sites such as Epidavros, Mycenae, Argos, Nafplio and Olympia. Go island hopping to Spetses, Aegina or Hydra.